Segment Descriptions

Common segments include:

Drive – Works in progress
Neutral – Unfinished objects that have sat in the basket for a bit
Stalled – projects in time out due to an issue
You’ve Arrived At Your Destination – Finished objects
Check Engine Light – speed bumps I hit during knitting
Roadside Assistance – fixing those speed bumps & lessons learned for next time
Cargo – stash and tools
Road Maps – Resources and techniques, reviews
Carpool – Charity knitting
Hop on the Party Bus – Contests and group events
Road Trip – Events
Offroading – non-knitting (usually Notre Dame or nerdy stuff!)

New in 2013:
Rearview Mirror – taking a look back at old FOs – what worked, what did not, what has held up over time, and what would I do differently next go-around
Your Mileage May Vary – a place to discuss some hot topics in the yarn world

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