Episode 3 – Topsy Turvy

Well, I have been remiss in posting the shownotes this week.  I had a draft all ready to go, but Blogger decided to eat it.  Or perhaps this user didn’t save it properly.  Oh well – better late than never, right?

Many thanks to those who have reached out to me this week via Ravelry, twitter, etc.  We even had a review or two on iTunes – so exciting!

Episode 3 – Topsy Turvy

I recorded this episode on my way home from work since the recording I did in the morning was a bit of a mess.


BBT Scarf – still in the Doppler Effect section
Once Upon a Time… Cambridge Shawl by Carol Sunday

Check Engine Light – new segment where I talk about any potholes I run into

When I brought the Cambridge Shawl back into “drive”, I misread my knitting and unnecessarily tinked back a row and a half or so – OOPS!

Once I got back into the groove, I also ended up misplacing a bead and had to rework that

Roadside Assistance – another new segment – What did I learn from hitting the pothole?

To better keep track of the “mile-markers” in my knitting along the way

New and new-to-me podcasts

Over the past few weeks I’ve come across a lot of new and new-to-me podcasts, many of which are video podcasts.  I had a bit of a podcast-listening break for awhile and when I got back into them, I stuck mostly with audio, but am now getting into the many video podcasts out there.  The only issue I’ve found is that it’s uncomfortable to sit at the computer desk & knit while I watch.  Will likely bring out the laptop for that.

Question of the week – how do you watch video podcasts?  At the computer?  On a tablet?  On your phone?

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