Commuter Knitter Podcast – WFH Edition – Episode 117 – Where Did August Go?

Please note – none of the links in this post will direct you to Ravelry due to accessibility issues.

You’ve Arrived at Your Destination

A little girl stole her mother’s freshly knitted striped hat
  • Vanilla Sock – One Week Sock Challenge – Julie Ann Knitter and Earthtones Girl Denise.
A new pair of stripey socks


Road Trips

Your Mileage May Vary/Trip Planner

  • I mention projects I am planning for the Pigskin Party:
A semicircle of wound yarn in rainbow order: grey speckled, pinkish orange, orange, yellow, green, blue, light purple and dark purple
Yarn for V-Back Tee

Backseat Drivers

The twins share their current projects with a bit of podcasting before bed

Two bespectacled girls smile for the camera holding their knitting projects surrounded by their stuffed toys
The girls say “hi!”

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