Commuter Knitter Podcast – WFH Edition – Episode 120 – Happy 10 Year Podiversary to Me!!

Please note – none of the links in this post will direct you to Ravelry due to accessibility issues. I have created project pages here on my website and also direct you right to the designers’ or yarn dyers’ websites.

You’ve Arrived at Your Destination


Road Trips

  • For those heading to Stitches West – have a wonderful and safe time!

Your Mileage May Vary

  • Overcoming hurdles and roadblocks in our making, and how to find motivation when projects get stuck

I wrap up this episode with thoughts around how to balance the heaviness of world events with taking action and taking care of oneself.

Backseat Drivers

The twins say “Hello!”, but do not make an appearance this episode.

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